Monday, August 8, 2011


The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a whole new phenomenon that's arisen from our country's current economic conditions -  it seems that even executives are looking to cut pennies by bringing their lunch to work! Never a nation to overlook ways to "make a million," enterprising designers are busy producing lunchboxes that don't look like lunchboxes but instead disguise themselves as laptop bags, wine cooler totes or even fashionable purses. 

At more formal companies, secret brown-bagging managers carry cases roomy enough to hold an adult-size meal, functional enough to keep food from getting soggy and cold, and stylish enough to be mistaken for a pricey accessory.

While we understand the importance of maintaining a certain appearance, do you find it humorous that self-conscious executives will go to these extremes? Or do you applaud the proud brown-bagger who doesn't give a fig if we know he's bringing a peanut butter & jelly from home? Would we try to mooch some of his chips? What's your opinion on this newest development in the fascinating world of Big Business?

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