Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You know that sinking feeling ... You just went to the pantry only to discover that the box of your favorite k-cups is EMPTY! How could that be? Didn't you just buy a box at the supermarket? Well, you probably ran out because those supermarket boxes contain only 12 k-cups. Wow ... that's not very many!  On top of which, you're probably paying somewhere in the neighborhood of 67 cents a cup. Now you're frustrated, irritable and the day doesn't promise to get much better.

Smile ... you never have to experience that frustration again when you take advantage of our new Continuous Cup service and our 24-count boxes. Simply visit us at www.onecupconnection.com, choose your favorite flavors and brands, register them for your personal Continuous Cup delivery service AND save $1 off our already low low prices. Even better, you'll be bringing your per cup cost down to under 50 cents. That means if you consume a mere 3 cups of coffee a day, you'll be saving around $175 a year. Double that amount if you've got two k-cup lovers in the house! We think those savings can go a long way toward brightening up even the dreariest of days! Treat yourself good ... Treat yourself to Continuous Cup and enjoy a great cup of coffee whenever the urge hits.